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Oh God, What Now?
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The Great British Bog Off

The Government’s Illegal Migration Bill is “morally unacceptable” according to the Archbishop of Canterbury. But since when did that stop the Conservatives? We look at the chaos, the confusion and the growing asylum seeker backlog. Plus, Labour did OK in the locals but were the real winners the Greens and the Lib Dems? And what does it mean for the General Election? And in the Extra Bit, for subscribers only, our panel discusses their favourite on-air mistakes. 

Localscast: ‘Stop the Small Votes’ Fails

Despite the Tories’ best efforts at damage control they still got utterly trounced at the locals. Stopping boats didn’t work (in any way whatsoever) and neither didn’t stopping votes. So while Sunak will be moping, should the rest of us – and Starmer in particular – celebrate? Or are the results a little more confusing than that? Andrew, Ros and Naomi discuss. 

Never Mind the Monarchs

It’s Coronation weekend and Charles “invites” you to pledge your allegiance to the crown. A wholesome tradition? Or just a bit much? And should we actually read much into the local elections? We ask special guest Ben Walker, senior data journalist at New Statesman and a Labour council candidate.

The Secret Civil War

A Whitehall bust up is underway with Sue Gray and Simon Case clashing over the former’s appointment as Keir Starmer’s chief of staff. Is this a witch hunt – or are there just questions? Plus, conflict in Sudan means the UK has organised a second rapid evacuation in two years. Has this one gone smoother than the last? And with the high profile departures of cable anchors Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon across the pond – we discuss our favourite TV hosts. 

Book of Revelations

More details of Johnson’s chaotic reign have emerged in Anthony Seldon’s new book Johnson at 10. He might now be in the history books but have we truly heard the last of him? And can we track his scandals without giving him the attention he wants? Plus, send in the subs! Our panel discusses Dominic Raab’s obscure replacements. Comedian, actor and Twitter sensation Matt Green is this week’s guest. 

Karate Kid Gets the Chop

That’s a Raab! Karate guru Dom has lost several Cabinet jobs after an investigation into bullying allegations. What fallout can we expect? Plus, the Home Office has tried to clean up its act and says it will now refer to asylum seekers as “customers”. How compassionate. And another local councillor drops the ball, after replying to an email in Welsh in German. Why can so many Brits not speak a second language? Plus, our special guest this week is Geri Scott, political reporter at The Times. 

Rishi Sunak’s Theatre of the Absurd

Rishi Sunak promised an end to sleaze after the dark days of Johnson. But has his faux competency made us take our eyes off the ball? Plus, it’s not just lorries stuck in Calais. Our panel discusses the impact Brexit has had on the music industry and why it’s now so tough to get a gig in Great Britain.

Is Keir Starmer Blowing It?

Labour is ahead in the polls but questions are still being raised over Keir Starmer’s leadership. Could he really be blowing it? Plus, is Suella Braverman Donald Trump’s fault? Then finally, the rise of the non-apology apology with councillors facing further pressure. Rachel Cunliffe, senior associate editor at New Statesman, joins as a special guest. 

Britain’s Brain Drain, Dunt’s New Book and Succ...

As the Government dishes out fresh lessons in doggedness – does the strike stalemate risk a brain drain for Britain? We discuss health workers ditching the UK for Australia for better money (and weather). Plus, why doesn’t Westminster work? It’s a question we all want to answer – and Ian Dunt has in his new book.

Sunak’s Long Road to Nowhere

Sunak is expected to cling on until Autumn 2024 for a general election. Why, when there’s clearly no plan of action? And as we creep closer, we unpack what the race might look like as Starmer’s Labour sparks controversy with its attacks on the PM. Plus, why is Elon Musk slowly making Twitter the least cool website on the planet?

Illegally Blonde

Donald Trump has had his (first) day in court. How will this alter the course of US politics to come? Plus, Brexit promises are falling short again, quelle surprise. The panel discusses the problem the Government can’t bring itself to mention. In a special guest double-header, we’re joined by comedian, actor and Twitter star Matt Green, and Geri Scott, political reporter at The Times, this week. 

Pot Hole Sun

Sunak was apparently turning it around but now he’s firmly black on the course to oblivion. Should he stop staring at potholes and realise he’s heading to a political black hole? Plus – we unpack the Trump latest, as his arrest looms. And, moanalism (yes, we’ve invented a word). What’s with all these articles where people just want to complain and tell us not to enjoy stuff?

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