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Out of the ruins of the Second World War, the British people were promised a better world. What happened to these promises? In this original documentary series, Ros Taylor of Oh God, What Now? talks to politicians, commentators and eyewitnesses to find out how Britain’s history still holds back its future.

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Within the next decade, the Second World War will have passed into memory. Soon, everything we know about the war will be secondhand. What were the hopes and ideals we had then — and what became of them?

Jam Tomorrow explores how we remember the Second World War, and how it still shapes the way we live and think in the 21st century. From hidden truths and lessons learned to mythologising wartime ideals and symbolism, Ros Taylor investigates Britain’s history and modern identity with insight from leading politicians, commentators and eyewitness accounts. 

What will it take for us to see the second world war clearly? Do we need to move on? When it comes to the war, are we the ones who are deceiving ourselves? These are uncomfortable questions. They go to the heart of who we think we are.

This is the story of how we were promised Jam Tomorrow. 

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Ros Taylor


Ros Taylor is the former Research Manager for the LSE Truth, Trust & Technology Commission and host of the Jam Tomorrow podcast

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