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Paper Cuts

Have you SEEN the state of the papers today? PAPER CUTS has. In our now DAILY podcast, some of Britain’s sharpest commentators and funniest comedians come together to look at the madness, the strangeness, the obsessions, and – occasionally – the brilliance of our national press

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Paper Cuts is the fast, funny, modern newspaper review. In each pacy edition, our panel picks out the most eye-popping headlines, the stories that matter and the most offbeat tales the press can offer, and offers them up for your incredulity and entertainment.


From the Mail’s obsession with Woke to the Daily Star’s war on pigeons (“FEATHERED PSYCHOS!”) to all the things the Guardian is telling you not to enjoy, PAPER CUTS digs into the newspapers’ own private manias – and what they tell us about Britain.


Hosted by the Observer's Miranda Sawyer and historian Alex Von Tunzelmann, it features some of the best, brightest and funniest commentators and comedians in the UK, including Marcus Brigstocke, Jonn Ellege, Grainne Maguire, Fin Taylor, Coco Khan, Holly Thomas and many more.

Informed, witty and sceptical but never cynical, Paper Cuts reinvents the traditional newspaper review format with a mix of journalistic expertise and raw humour; Paper Cuts is a moment of sanity and comedy in an overheated media world.

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 Miranda Sawyer


Miranda Sawyer is an English author, journalist and broadcaster, she currently writes features for The Guardian and The Observer and serves as a radio critic.


Jonn Elledge


Jonn Elledge is a freelance journalist and author, formerly assistant editor of the New Statesman.

Fergus Craig.jpeg

Fergus Craig


Fergus Craig is a British stand-up comic and actor in theatre, television and radio.


Coco Khan


Coco Khan is the co-host of Pod Save The UK and freelance journalist, regularly appearing in The Guardian

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Alex Von Tunzelmann


Alex von Tunzelmann is a historian and screenwriter, and the author of books including Fallen Idols: Twelve Statues That Made History.


Fin Taylor


Fin Taylor has made a name for himself as one of the most talked about comedians working in the UK. His appearances include Live At The Apollo, The Mash Report, and 8 out of 10 Cats


Grainne Maguire

Gráinne Maguire is an award winning stand up comedian and comedy writer. She has appeared on UnSpun with Matt Forde, Alternative Comedy Experience,  Cutting Edge and The Now Show.

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Ava Santina


Ava Santina is a political correspondant for as well as making regular appearances on TV and radio as a commentator


Rob Hutton


Rob Hutton is the political sketchwriter for The Critic, writing about politics, history, spies, films and anything else that interests him. He's also host of the hit war film show War Movie Theatre


Athena Kugblenu


Athena Kugblenu is a British stand-up comedian and writer who has penned pieces for The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Time Out and Stylist Magazine


Marcus Brigstocke


Comedian, actor, podcaster, cheese connoisseur 

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Paper Cuts is made possible in part by the generous support of our listeners. You can subscribe to our apple sub and receive the podcast ad free along with all our other great shows; 

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