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Podmasters announces exciting new podcast WHY? – Adventures to the edge of knowledge

Podmasters, home of critically-acclaimed shows Oh God What Now?, The Bunker and Paper Cuts, announces an ambitious new podcast series Why? to answer those baffling questions from the frontiers of science.

With immersive sound design, startling scientific facts and expert guests, Why? takes the listener on a thrilling journey to the edge of knowledge.

Each episode explores one big question in depth. Are we already receiving messages from aliens? Could an AI become my lover? Is the human race still evolving... and if so, into what? Full of wonder and humour too, Why? spans the universe from the tiniest scrap of DNA to the mightiest forces shaping reality itself.

The twice-weekly podcast is presented by stellar talent including author and screenwriter Emma Kennedy, writer and broadcaster Olly Mann (Today in History, Answer Me This), writer Luke Turner (The Quietus) and evolutionary anthropologist, writer and broadcaster Dr. Anna Machin. Original theme music and cosmic atmospheres come from the acclaimed avant-garde electronic musician DJ Food.

With guests including experts from NASA and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and cutting-edge microbiologists, quantum physicists and neurologists, Why? will explain awe-inspiring discoveries across the spectrum of scientific knowledge.

Group Editor and Podmasters co-founder Andrew Harrison says:

“We’re living in a time of dazzling scientific discoveries and technological advances, and the question everyone asks so often is... why? This brilliant new podcast will bring all the excitement and mystery of popular science to an intelligent audience that’s ready to be amazed.”

Presenter Emma Kennedy says:

“I’m honoured and thrilled to be part of the Why Podcast team. I’m cursed with a curious mind and thank god I’ve finally got a job that can cure it.” Why? will launch with three episodes on Monday 6th November 2023 on all platforms with new episodes dropping every Monday and Thursday.

Contact: Martin Bojtos, Co-Founder, Podmasters


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