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News from Podmasters – more Oh God, What Now?, more The Bunker!

OH GOD, WHAT NOW?, Britain’s most provocative politics podcast, goes twice-weekly in response to overwhelming audience demand. And politics explainer The Bunker goes seven days a week.

Independent podcast network Podmasters is increasing output to meet listener demand across two of its leading brands, Oh God, What Now? and The Bunker.

Smash hit politics roundtable OH GOD, WHAT NOW? will become a twice-weekly show with immediate effect. From Tuesday, 18 October, a new start-of-the-week edition joins the regular Friday morning show, doubling the podcast’s output of sharp political commentary, analysis and dark humour.

And hit daily politics podcast THE BUNKER gets a refresh this week with a new 7-day schedule, a new look – and a new focus on current affairs to cut through Britain’s political fog.

From Monday, 17 October, there’ll be a brand-new BUNKER every morning, featuring explainers, expert analyses and interviews covering issues from the tumult in the economy to housing, defence, Ukraine and, of course, the collapsing Truss Government – all in listener-friendly 20-minute bites.

“We polled our audience in depth, and the answers couldn’t have been clearer,” says group editor and Podmasters co-founder Andrew Harrison.

“They feel part of the OH GOD, WHAT NOW? gang, and they want to experience their favourite podcast more frequently. And they want THE BUNKER to explain an ever-more-confusing world of politics.

“So from next week, we’re giving them exactly what they want. An extra edition of OH GOD, WHAT NOW? and more BUNKERs with a closer focus on politics.”

“Many listeners have told us that OH GOD, WHAT NOW? was the only thing that kept them sane under May, Johnson and now Truss. And there’s a huge deficit in understanding on major topics. Mainstream broadcasters assume that everyone gets the ‘inside baseball’ of Westminster and offer up a Punch and Judy approach to political broadcasting instead.

“Now, with an extra OGWN and a new-look BUNKER, we can deal with our unfolding political nightmares in the way the listeners want.”

Both shows will be presented by a rotating team including Ian Dunt (the i), Ros Taylor, Alex Andreou, Naomi Smith (Best For Britain), Dorian Lynskey (the Guardian), Ayesha Hazarika (Times Radio), Westminster columnist Marie Le Conte, BBC veteran Gavin Esler, and former diplomat Arthur Snell, writer-presenter of the groundbreaking geopolitics podcast Doomsday Watch from the Podmasters stable.

OH GOD, WHAT NOW? launched in 2017 as a flagship of the anti-Brexit campaign under the name Remainiacs, giving a voice and outlet for the 48%. It rebranded as OGWN in 2020 after the UK left the EU. The podcast has racked up over 25 million lifetime downloads with star guest including Neil Kinnock, James O’Brien, Chris Addison, MPs Layla Moran and Wes Streeting, podcast star Matt Forde, Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, and Tony Blair.

THE BUNKER launched in 2020, covering politics, news, culture and science for a country in lockdown. With over 15 million downloads to date, it has featured star guests and experts, including Michael Heseltine, MPs Jess Phillips, Stella Creasy and Lisa Nandy, Nigella Lawson, Jay Rayner, and US security experts Fiona Hill and Masha Gessen.

Both shows come from the Podmasters stable of podcasts, also home to groundbreaking geopolitics documentary Doomsday Watch, and the Apple Podcasts #1 show Origin Story, which unpacks how common political terms are used, abused and misrepresented. Pulling in over 1.3m downloads a month (30% up year-on-year) and with a direct membership of over 5,500 Patreon fans, Podmasters have established themselves as one of the leading independent podcast networks in the UK.

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