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Critically-acclaimed geopolitics podcast Doomsday Watch announces a brand-new season

The hit series from Podmasters returns on October 26 to investigate under-reported threats to global security today – and the under-the-radar dangers of tomorrow.

Returning for a third series, host and security expert Arthur Snell brings together global experts to explore the persistent risks to global stability and human survival.

In a 10-part deep dive documentary arc, Doomsday Watch goes beyond the headlines on a world in which Vladimir Putin threatens nuclear war in his Ukraine rampage; drones fight in our skies as doomsday weapons grow ever more powerful; and American democracy faces a deadly authoritarian challenge.

Says Arthur Snell — “We launched Doomsday Watch last year, and the world really felt on the brink. Putin has now pushed us over the edge. This year we really wanted to pick up a clear thread from our first season — that everything is connected. We want to take a sober look at the potential Doomsday scenarios we face - which can frankly be quite terrifying.

“But perhaps despite our podcast’s name, after speaking with a group of experts from all across the world, I’m still hopeful — if we take a deep look at our problems, then we can turn the corner.”

Following a successful first series in 2021, Doomsday Watch took a break from its usual format to release linear episodes (called ‘War Bulletins’) focusing on the war in Ukraine. The podcast has reached more than one and a half million listeners and recently ran its first live event at 21Soho in London.

The series has built a strong base of followers via its Patreon subscriber channel, and Podmasters group edit

or Andrew Harrison says it’s the right time to launch a new series:

“Our listeners have reacted incredibly positively to Arthur and the team’s work. In a terrifying world, people really want to go deeper on the issues of our times to understand how we got here and how we can avoid Doomsday.

“This podcast does a magnificent job of looking at the big issues of our times, with great storytelling and fascinating insights into the hidden forces - and clear and present dangers - which make the world more dangerous.”

Follow and listen to new episodes of Doomsday Watch every week wherever you get your podcasts—and you can subscribe to Doomsday Watch’s Patreon and Apple Podcasts channels for special bonuses.


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