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We are a leading independent podcast network reaching over 1.5 million listeners every month. Our mission is to provide exciting, entertaining, informative, character-driven podcasts that go where conventional radio can’t.

The Bunker

News and politics unlocked; The Bunker is fearless, independent politics talk for Britain and beyond, every weekday. We examine the big issues with humour and expertise, cutting through the claptrap to make sense of what’s really going on – and give you the fighting spirit to keep on keeping on. 


Oh God, What Now?

Launched from the anti-Brexit movement in 2017, Oh God, What Now? (formerly Remainiacs) has become one of Britain’s most entertaining political voices. With top-quality guests and analysis, and poor-quality jokes, these weekly insights make the unbearable bearable.


Paper Cuts

PAPER CUTS is the fast, funny, modern newspaper review. In each pacy  edition, our star-studded panel picks out the most eye-popping headlines, the stories the matter and the most offbeat tales the press can offer, and offers them up for your incredulity and entertainment

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This Is Not A Drill with Gavin Esler

From the crisis in American democracy to the Middle East’s petrochemical oligarchies to real coverage behind Ukraine's frontlines, this is your guide to the dangers that mass media isn’t covering.

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Origin Story

What are the real stories behind the most misunderstood and abused ideas in politics? From 'conspiracy theory' to 'woke' to 'centrism' and beyond, authors Ian Dunt and Dorian Lynskey dig into the astonishing secret histories of concepts you thought you knew.


We Are History

Written and presented by comedian Angela Barnes (Live at the Apollo, The News Quiz) and author and comedy writer John O’Farrell (Spitting Image, Things Can Only Get Better), We Are History tells scarcely-believable-but-true tales from the past with wit, pace and an eye for weird detail. In each episode Angela and John unravel and laugh at fascinating and downright bizarre moments in history, from Victorian anti-vaxxers to why Mussolini was a rubbish war leader. 

Jam Tomorrow

In the wake of the Second World War, Britain was promised a better world — one with free healthcare, quality housing and good schools. Ros Taylor explores what happened to these promises, and how we can win them back.



With immersive sound design, startling scientific facts and expert guests, Why? takes the listener on a thrilling journey to the edge of knowledge.

Each episode explores one big question in depth. Are we already receiving messages from aliens? Could an AI become my lover? Is the human race still evolving... and if so, into what? Full of wonder and humour too, Why? spans the universe from the tiniest scrap of DNA to the mightiest forces shaping reality itself.


Rock & Roll Politics with Steve Richards

Based on his live one-man show Rock N Roll Politics, broadcaster and author Steve Richards takes listeners on a weekly behind-the-scenes tour of UK politics. This is your weekly guide through seismic times.

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