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Podmasters announces partnership with hit podcast "We Are History"

We Are History, the less-than-serious history podcast, is teaming up with acclaimed podcast studio Podmasters – home of critically-acclaimed shows Doomsday Watch, The Bunker and Oh God What Now? – to reach an even bigger audience as part of the Podmasters family.

Written and presented by comedian Angela Barnes (Live at the Apollo, The News Quiz) and author and comedy writer John O’Farrell (Spitting Image, Things Can Only Get Better), We Are History tells scarcely-believable-but-true tales from the past with wit, pace and an eye for weird detail. The podcast has already won a formidable following and over a million downloads.

Co-Host John O’Farrell says: “We are really excited about teaming up with Podmasters to take We Are History to the next level. They bring everything to this production that Angela and I do not have, namely competence, professionalism and a decent wifi connection. I feel like our funny look at the past now has a great future…”

Co-Host Angela Barnes adds: "We are beyond chuffed. It’s frankly a relief to be in the hands of people who know what they are doing. It should smarten us up a bit and bring this pair of history nerds right into the 21st century.”

We Are History is already six series strong. In each episode Angela and John unravel and laugh at fascinating and downright bizarre moments in history, from Victorian anti-vaxxers to why Mussolini was a rubbish war leader. The entire back catalogue will be available from Podmasters and include topics as broad as Spy Pigeons, the Bristol Bus Boycott of 1968 and 17th Century Scottish witches.

Podmasters Lead Producer Anne-Marie Luff says: “I’m thrilled to welcome Angela and John into the Podmasters family. We Are History has all the intelligence, wit and warmth we revel in and the podcast is a natural fit for us. We can’t wait to bring it to an even wider audience.”

Anne-Marie recently joined Podmasters after producing new content for over ten years at BBC Radio 4 and 4 Extra.

We Are History will relaunch with ten new episodes in May 2023 on all platforms. While not quite as world-changing as the Black Death, it will be slightly funnier.


Martin Bojtos, Co-Founder, Podmasters


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