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Podmasters announces new podcast series MUGSHOTS with award-winning journalist MICHAEL CRICK

In a searching new profile series, Michael Crick (C4 News, Panorama, Newsnight) presents uncensored portraits of the people who shape our world.

How much do we really know about the people who make the headlines? In the provocative new podcast series Mugshots, award-winning journalist Michael Crick (formerly of BBC, C4 and Newsnight) delves into the hidden backgrounds of the powerful and the influential.

In an exciting collaboration with Podmasters – home of hit podcasts Oh God, What Now?, The Bunker, Doomsday Watch and Origin Story – Michael Crick will present no-holds-barred profiles of key people in the headlines, with each episode taking a deep dive into a major figure’s past, principles and motivation.

In each episode Crick talks to friends, colleagues and associates who know a major personality well, building up a behind-the-scenes picture of how today’s movers and shakers became who they are – what drives them – and what they want. From Angela Rayner to Vladimir Putin to Paul Dacre, Mugshots is a candid look at the people who shape our world.

Michael Crick was a founding member of Channel 4 News in 1982, and has worked on Panorama and Newsnight where he was political editor. Twice winner of Royal Television Society awards and the RTS Specialist Journalist of the Year award, his books include best-selling biographies of Arthur Scargill, Jeffrey Archer and Alex Ferguson. It has been said that the five most terrifying words in the political lexicon are: "Michael Crick is in reception”.

Michael Crick says: “I’m thrilled to enter the exciting world of podcasts with Podmasters. We’ll be uncovering the secret lives and motivations of some very big figures in the weeks to come. And the versatile podcast format means we can act quickly when a new figure bursts into the headlines.

“Podcasts have brought a new dimension to independent journalism and I’m delighted to get to work in this vital new world.”

Podmasters Group Editor Andrew Harrison adds: “Michael is a legend in journalism and his name makes the rich and powerful quake in their handmade brogues. We’re honoured to welcome him to the growing Podmasters team and we know that Mugshots will become addictive listening.

“Our hit podcasts including Oh God, What Now?, Doomsday Watch and Origin Story reached over 14 million listeners in 2022 alone, so we know listeners are hungry for bold and original news and politics coverage. Mugshots is a brilliant addition to the Podmasters audio universe and we can’t wait to get it out into the world.”

Mugshots launches on Monday, 13 February with a minimum of 13 episodes every Monday on all platforms.

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